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Welcome to Friendly Slow Racing (FSR)

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Join the FSR League on iRacing

A group of like-minded iRacing veterans who have joined together under a unique philosophy to share their love of motor racing and sim racing.

FSR was formed 7 years ago and has quietly been successful in promoting friendly, courteous and nontoxic sim racing.


Don’t let the name fool you. FSR has some excellent racers, and some fierce

competition. But it is always conducted in a friendly atmosphere that encourages camaraderie and non-aggression.

We offer our members several different races and series to fit most tastes, and we support our teams in iRacing official endurance series.


We have several drivers who are experienced in the world of real racing and are always willing to advise and coach anyone.

Whether you are new to sim racing, or a grisly veteran looking for a kinder, gentler

league, we encourage you to check out our web site, and join in if you think this is a good fit for you.

Where making friends is more important than winning races

Improve your

racing skills

Help someone to be as quick as you are

Make Friends that will last forever

Join us if you share our core values:

1) I am passionate for racing and sim racing

2) I enjoy making friends all over the world

3) I want to improve my racing skills

4) I want to help others improve their skills

5) I believe racing is fun as long as values 1-4 are not negatively impacted

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